Elevate Lives: Become a Pushy Angel for those who need it most

You have the power to make a significant impact on the lives of those who need it most through High Tide Global. Join us in lifting the lives of one billion students, previously incarcerated and women by 2032!

When people feel supported,
they achieve extraordinary things.

Be a part of the global movement to uplift those who need it most.

Enhance education to create more opportunity.

Instill confidence to conquer anything.

Forge visions for a meaningful life.

The future of students is being stolen.

An anxiety epidemic is taking away joy and hope. COVID has traumatized children and teens and they don’t know how to cope. Feelings of insignificance and depression have become pervasive–even among the youngest.

Many are turning to suicide in despair because they can't see beyond their present circumstances.

Student can be victorious
and lift the world.

Open doors with education

Equip educators to make students feel understood, mentally stimulated, and excited to develop skills that create hope for a successful future.

Build confidence and resilience

Students receive mentorship and tools that build confidence so they can conquer anything.

Open eyes to a better future

Empowered students realize the vision of the full abundance, meaning, and purpose that their lives can embody.

 Imagine if you had received Pushy Angel empowerment when you were a student.

Where would you be now?

Our Record of Empowering Achievement

Deep experience counseling 40,000+ individuals.

Training educators and students through the Superhero Program.

Partnerships with worldwide charities and outreach missions lifting the tide of humanity.

Hosting superhero workshops.

Steps to Empower students
to lift the tide of humanity

Equip educators with therapies, techniques, and support to mentor and develop students.

Transform the educational experience to build students' exceptional powers–so they will be confident, resilient, wise, and ready to take on the world.

Students graduated from the Pushy Angel program will be inspired to make a difference in their world and become Pushy Angels themselves, fostering a community of support and empowerment for other students

How to get involved.

Make a

Support struggling students around the world and make more superheroes.

your school

Yes, I want the program “The Secrets to Becoming a Superhero” available in my school.

your Time

Contact High Tide Global to find ways to become directly involved in the work.

Students need your help to see beyond their current circumstances and create a better life and a better world.