the Face of Philanthropy.

Recruiting a band of change makers to lift the tide of humanity.

When you’ve found a treasure, you want to share it with others.

Join Hazel and Elbert in sharing your treasure, and your love with others—to lift the Tide of Humanity.

Hazel Ortega and Elbert Irving IV are the portrait of success today. Together, they have become serial entrepreneurs with growing services across several sectors—including Hazel’s landmark business, Ortega Counseling Center, which supports retraining for injured workers across California; Elbert’s innovative Savvy Sox company; and Reel2Real Affirmation Movies.

But their greatest success has been in finding each other. As life partners and joint entrepreneurs, they feed on the energy of working together, and depend on their common wisdom and shared interests to take on new projects and travel to exciting places. And however far they journey, they bring the joy, warmth, and culture of their native Los Angeles with them.

Now, with High Tide Global, Hazel and Elbert want to transform the world around them—and to bring their knowledge and treasure to others. Already, they have spearheaded philanthropic projects in Los Angeles, Mexico, and Uganda.

They are now taking on an effort to lift the tide of student mental health by helping institute a new curriculum for children in Los Angeles schools—to ensure that all students, empowered with grit and resilience, can make firm steps toward the dreams they envision.

All they need now is for you to join them, by joining the High Tide Global movement.