When you give, you lift the tide of humanity.

Your donation will help lift students up to be a ripple effect of change.

As Nobel Prize winner and former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela stated

“Education is the most powerful weapon which can use to change the world.”

Your donation goes to making education accessible for everyone.

For our Superhero program, you can make donations to keep the program running and gift the program to a school. We are currently working with a pilot school in Los Angeles for our Superhero program. We are proud to have champions in Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Brazil that will bring the Superhero programs to schools there. To learn more about the program, you can read about it here SUPERHERO PROGRAM

By educating one to see the greatness within, that person will remind another and another… And soon we will have superheroes empower society to live to their utmost.

With 100% of your funding, we will empower our facilitators, teachers, and parents to educate children to find their superhero powers within.

High Tide Global Inc is also proud to work with the Garden of Knowledge school in Uganda. Founded by Charles Komakech in 2015, he made a promise to pay forward and give back to the local community. Since its humble beginning, the students keep improving on a national level. Because parents don’t have the necessary means of transportation, clothing, and food – the students at Garden of Knowledge live at the school.

To accommodate 400 students living at the school, they were required to be put in a medical building. High Tide Global has been raising money for the medical building, and we are happy to say it is nearly complete.

The cost to keep a child in school at Garden of Knowledge for a full year is $120.