Hazel Ortega

She Has Conducted Meaningful Talks at a Diverse Set of Venues

HAZEL ORTEGA is a Master of Miracles, a serial entrepreneur, and an Educational Psychologist specializing in Vocational Rehabilitation. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, she overcame a challenging upbringing in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. In her book, "From Bounced Checks to Private Jets: The Mastery of Miracles," Hazel shares her inspiring journey of transforming her life and creating success for herself and her family. With a deep understanding of how our stories shape our lives, Hazel empowers audiences as a speaker, guiding them to manifest their dreams and discover the miracles within their own lives. She is dedicated to helping others rise above their circumstances and achieve extraordinary results. CEO of multiple businesses and Founder of the HIGH TIDE GLOBAL Foundation Hazel is committed to helping people succeed by pursuing education and developing a manifesting miracles mindset.



  • Philantropreneur: Combining Business and Purpose
    for a Better World
  • Striking a Balance: How to have it all
  • Unlocking the Power of Miracles in Your Business:
    A Path to Mastery

Hazel Has Conducted Meaningful Talks at a Diverse Set of Venues