The secrets to Becoming a Superhero

Educational program empowering students to embody superheroes for a better life.

Equipping educators to empower students.

Teach students to tap into their inner strength

By starting early and teaching the students how to tap into their inner strength and confidence, they will not only become stronger and adopt a healthier mindset, but will also project this confidence and knowledge to their friends and classmates.

Through this Superhero program, they will become builders of their own foundation to create a better future for themselves.

The Superhero program further includes the educators, parents and guardians, so they can be the supporters the student needs.

Equipping educators

Educators will receive valuable training to support, mentor, and develop students.

Personal Growth Activities
for Adults

Adults will begin the process of transforming their lives to unleash superheroes!

Grow Along:
Professional Development

Step-by-step process to enhance professional development skills.

How students become superheroes

Learn and internalize the unique voice within.

Feel motivated and supported to participate and engage.

Model how to acknowledge and appreciate others’ uniqueness.

Make this empowering language a part of their everyday lives.

Competencies educators employ

Lucid Methodology

Playful, game-based learning.


Powerful, advanced vocabulary students incorporate into their everyday language.

Social-Emotional Skills

Students learn how to respectively collaborate, form relationships, make choices, manage emotions, deal with conflict, and understand one another.

Multiple Intelligences

Every student's unique learning style is valued and developed.

Superhero Talks

Active and engaging conversations.

Powerful Motivations

Students develop the habit of breathing, relaxing, affirming, and visualizing.

Make The Secrets to becoming a Superhero Program Available in your school

See students in your school embody superhero confidence, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

This program can be the building block of your community.

Give students what they deserve.

How to get involved

Make a

Support struggling students around the world and make more superheroes.

Your school

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